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    Don't Get Caught Short at Audit Time. Get Your File Audited at Only $49

    If your company issues home mortgages, you may occasionally need to hire an auditor to review your files. Mortgage file audits serve as quality control for internal purposes or external validation for publicly traded companies that must report to a regulatory agency.

    The dreaded audit can keep be the cause for sleepless nights. Outsourcing mortgage QC audit services to the experts in the industry can assist you in improving compliance, weeding out errors and mitigate losses in the loan production process.

    Some of the other benefits that our mortgage QC services provide include:

    Reduced Operating Costs

    Enhance customer satisfaction

    Greater revenues

    Accelerated turnaround times

    Our Audit Services

    Review of critical loan documentation-01

    Review of critical
    loan documentation


    Checklist-based approach
    to verify all documents


    Verify all necessary documents to ensure compliance

    Our Post-Close QC Audits Are Structured to Meet All Relevant Agency Guidelines like
    Fannie, Freddie, FHA, VA, USDA, etc.

    Benefits of Partnering With Peoples Processing

    Experienced staff

    We leverage our mortgage domain expertise to provide a comprehensive solution. Our associates know what to look for.

    Data-driven approach & cutting-edge technology

    We leverage advance tech like AI and machine learning across our processes to reduce operational costs and improve turn-time.

    Reduce Operational Cost

    We assist you to close more loans, faster and improve your closing ratio.

    Reduce processing time and turnaround time – from weeks to days

    Transform your day-to-day mortgage operations with our end-to-end fulfillment solutions.

    Ensure Compliance with detailed QC

    Our comprehensive QC and our domain expertise ensures compliance at all times.


    Cost Reduction


    Reduction in Turnaround Time


    Improved Productivity


    Contract Processing

    Contract Processing

    Offering full-service Contract Mortgage Processing Services


    Mortgage Closing

    Supports lenders, credit unions and brokers in streamlining their loan closing processes while reducing processing times & costs


    Post Closing

    Brings you professional and effective audit and review services to streamline the complete post-closing process

    What Our Customers Say

    How Peoples Processing can help

    At Peoples Processing we perform an in-depth post-close review of all loan-related documentation, and with our automated checklist-based approach all documents are validated ensuring dependable compliance. We scrutinize your documents for accuracy, completeness and reasonability.

    Simply send us the closed file and Peoples Processing will return an audit ready, checked, and stacked file for you to keep for your records. No minimum requirements, and only $49 per file.

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