PrivoCorp is a global company offering end-to-end solutions in Originations, Title Services, Servicing, and Asset Due Diligence for the Mortgage, Consumer Finance, and Title industries. Strongly differentiated by their technology and focus on innovation, PrivoCorp brings together an unrivalled combination of mortgage industry skills and experience.


Peoples Processing is an end-to-end mortgage fulfillment company delivering capacity, operational cost reduction, efficiency, and increased quality to your mortgage operation.

Although PrivoCorp and Peoples Processing serve the same industries, both have particular strengths. By combining forces, we will provide significantly enhanced value for our clients in terms of proven processes, a broad range of experienced talent, consistent and high-quality results, leading global standards, and the latest technological support.

With this change, we will


with state of the art, end-to-end solutions in Mortgage, Consumer Finance, Commercial Finance, MSR Due Diligence, Flow Deal Due Diligence, Finance Technology Testing Support, Title, and Tax.


with next-gen innovations in Analytics, Digital Transformation, Mobility, and Intelligent Automation.

TRANSFORM Your Business

with technology led Smart Solutions, industry insights, scalability, industry experience, cost savings, flexibility, and global capability.

What does this acquisition mean?

To Customers

It will be business as usual. The acquisition will mean improved efficiency, better quality, significant cost savings, cutting-edge industry process improvement, and the ability to move with the market ups and downs without missing a beat.

To Stakeholders

A larger market share coupled with increased efficiencies and ability to attract good talent. This will ensure higher revenues as well as consistent profitability.

To Team Members

It will provide better career opportunities to existing and future team members.

Mridhul Prakash

Founder & President

Sam Verma

Peoples Processing

With this acquisition, we can now empower our customers by delivering disruptive products and solutions across the breadth of their business (Mortgage Originations, Servicing, Banking, Title and Tax).

This acquisition will only strengthen the existing relationship. We promise to be as nimble and agile as we have always been. Our commitment to you, our clients remains our highest priority.

Sam Verma who was CEO at Peoples Processing will continue to be CEO at PrivoCorp.

We realize you may have additional questions, particularly about how the acquisition might impact your business. To help address these, you can reach out to your account manager or write to us.

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Thank you for your continued support.