Underwriting Support

Improve productivity and efficiency in the underwriting process

Peoples Processing helps lenders increase efficiencies in the underwriting process while reducing turn times and costs

Underwriters play a very important role in mortgage lending. While their role is to approve, suspend, or decline a file. It’s paramount to submit a clean file to improve the productivity of underwriters as well as boost chances of approval.

At Peoples Processing, we evaluate loan files using our checklist-based approach and prepare for loan closing. We prep disclosures for Real Estate Procedure Settlement Act (RESPA) and Truth In Lending Act (TILA) along with pre-disclosures and run compliance verification to check if loan files comply with state and federal laws. Our established process includes restructuring loan files for seamless management and validation of the processed files to meet your underwriting needs besides compilation of the data to create home mortgage disclosure (HMDA) reports.

Peoples Processing offers a suite of Services in Underwriting support:

Underwriting Support

Credit Review

Contract Review

Review Flood Certificate

Review Appraisal Report

Title Review

Fraud Review

Conditions Signoff