Mortgage Post Closing

Technology and people at its finest to streamline the entire post-closing process

Technology and people at its finest to streamline the entire post-closing process

Peoples Processing is a full-service mortgage solutions provider. Our experts continually train to perform accurate audits and generate timely reports with a focus on reducing operational costs for our clients. We support Mortgage Lenders, Loan Officers, Credit Unions, and Banks with their post-closing activities. It involves diligent auditing and reporting to ensure that the file is complete and in compliance.

Our significant domain experience in this field helps in making the entire post-closing process cost saving and efficient for our clients. Our mortgage post-closing services start from the receipt of signed/funded loan documents from various origination points and includes their review for regulatory compliance.

Our clients benefit from the quick turn-around time, reduction in operational costs, rapid scalability, and improved quality.

Peoples Processing offers a suite of Mortgage Post Closing Services:

Post-closing Audits:  Review the loan packages against the investor guidelines for accuracy and completeness and checks if they meet compliance guidelines suggested by RESPA, etc.

Trailing Documents Review: Review investor guidelines to prepare a report of missing documents and send it to the trailing documents department for a follow-up.

Report & Follow-up on Trailing Documents:

– Follow up with respective departments for trailing documents. And upon receipt, review them to check accuracy and completeness

– Post completion, index, key in the information and inform the status to the client

Shipping of Loan Files:  After reviewing per investor guidelines, Peoples Processing ensures a seamless delivery. This process involves follow-up on exception items, and ensuring the timely delivery of the QC’d loans.

Final Document Indexing:  Obtain the loan package from the Lender and index the required information in the client’s LOS.

Benefits of Partnering with Peoples Processing for Post-Closing

Over a decade of experience in post-closing audits for various large size lenders

Leveraging latest technologies such as AI and Machine Learning in mortgage fulfillment

Team of experts available in Texas to help collect trailing documents

Flexible engagement model to help you reduce fixed costs