Loan Setup

Support lenders, banks and brokers in streamlining loan setup while reducing processing times and costs

Peoples Processing offers a full range of mortgage loan setup and processing services, from validating the borrowers' rights/eligibility to preparing loan documents

Peoples Processing is a full-service mortgage solutions provider. We offer support services in mortgage loan setup right from validating the borrowers’ rights/eligibility to preparing loan documents. We help Mortgage lenders, banks and brokers streamline their loan origination process.

Peoples Processing offers a suite of services in Loan Setup and Processing:

Loan Setup

Loan Document Indexing: Collect, Review Borrower Documents

Boarding/ Registration

LOS Data Validation

Check Min Documentation

Pre-Qualification, Order-Outs

Loan Processing

GFE Review


RESPA Review

Ordering / Review VOE VOM VOR

Order Flood, Title, Appraisal

Initial Disclosure