Title Support Services

A range of services to assist title agents process faster and reduce costs

Offering title support services that help title agents manage high volumes with ease, while ensuring compliance and reducing costs in title production by over 30-40%

At Peoples Processing, we offer end-to-end Title support services to Title Agents, Underwriters, Attorneys, Lenders and Vendor management companies. We can help your company order title search reports, tax reports, analyze the financial implications of the loan, arrange for the transfer of property rights and even acquire mortgage policies if needed, all within a quick turnaround time and at affordable cost.

Our team has vast experience and deep domain expertise within the Title Industry that has enabled us in offering very high-quality services. We understand your business challenges are around managing cost, turn time, scalability, volume fluctuations & quality.

Title Support Assistance We Offer

Title Search – Current Owner, Two Owner, Full Search: Search Reports cover Current Owner Search, Two Owner Search, Ownership & Encumbrance, Legal & Vesting, Deed & Mortgage, Liens & Judgement and TSG/REO.

Tax Certificates:Procure tax assessment, payment details, current/delinquency status and any other lien attached to the property that is in county records.

Municipal Lien Searches:This search will find unrecorded liens, in addition to code violations, special assessments, utility, and open or expired permits issues that are associated with residential or commercial real estate.

Policy & Commitment Typing: We provide support in commitment typing to capture data from the search package into the title production system. We also provide policy typing support in the client-specific production system.
Leveraging our experience, we are able to deliver zero errors in typing.

Mortgage Title Insurance: We provide tailored title insurance processing to evaluate a property and verify ownership records. If you are looking for a solution to review the property, evaluate its ownership details, physical conditions, and pending litigation, we can provide appropriate solutions covering all aspects of property insurance. Our detailed research includes an in-depth study of conveniences, encroachments, and mistakes in public records. Our all-inclusive mortgage title insurance processing will help you review real estate liens, mortgages, and defects with quick turnaround time.

Title Ordering & Examination:A thorough and meticulous check needs to be carried out while examining the title. The search encompasses taxes, lawsuits, judgments, liens, and legal claims. The people’s Processing team can perform an exhaustive examination of the title and ensure that the lender is insulated from fraudulent property transactions. This will help you obtain accurate and up-to-date info that will ease your other mortgage process.

Title Inspection: List the financial obligations associated with the property, including legal claims, lawsuits, taxes, judgments, and liens, as well as any other issues that could impact the transaction, including a quality check to verify the right sequence of file numbers, the presence of all pages, and the quality of all images. It is at this point that we confirm the legal description of the property and assess the completeness of records.

Title Commitment: After completing the title search and ordering the title, we obtain a commitment report. It contains the details of the title insurance and conditions of insurance. At this stage, we can start to clear anomalies and defects that were identified during the title examination. This will facilitate a smooth closure between the lender and the buyer.

Benefits of partnering with Peoples Processing for Title Support Services

Highly trained title processors working full-time

99% accuracy guaranteed in review of title documents for protection of lender’s interests (Title commitment, title examination, title insurance, etc.)

Standardized and automated back-office support for mortgage title services

Up to 30% reduction in TAT, leveraging a 24/7 work environment

Up to 40% reduction in per employee operational cost

Flexibility to scale work up by 50% during peak times

Seamless communication and highly transparent operations

100% data confidentiality and privacy

Key Differentiators

Flexible Engagement Model – Variable Pricing aligned to Client business requirement

Powered by Technology – Leveraging AI/ML based tools and Autotyping, we ensure faster Title report generation

Domain Expertise – Over 10+ years’ experience in Title domain