We help our clients improve their borrower experience and retain their customers

Peoples Processing provides multiple support function across the servicing value chain including Default Operations REO Support, Records Management and Servicing QC and Audits

Servicers today need to manage a range of incoming communication from borrowers. It becomes inevitable to have a robust technology platform and allocate it to relevant experts based on customers information.

With deep domain knowledge in a variety of loan servicing types, we support Portfolio and Investor loans, including NPL (Non-Performing Loans), RPL (Re-Performing Loans) and Performing Loans. We assist with both Conventional and Government-Insured Loans that include FNMA, FHLMC, GNMA, Private Investor, FHA, USDA and VA.
Our industry experts are proficient, and stay current, across all servicing platforms such as MSP, LSAMs, LPS.

Peoples Processing offers a suite of services such as:

Servicing Support Functions

Loan Boarding – Set-up loan information on the servicing system, authenticate given info and ensure that all needed documents/information are available in the loan file.

Investor Reporting – generation of investor accounting reports

Payoff Processing – Generate the payoff quote by keying the accurate fees and costs along with the good thru date

Loan Modification

Reviewing the documents

Carrying out income underwriting

Soliciting financial information of the borrower to qualify for the mortgage home loan modification

Completing the entire modification fulfilment process, including subordinations, title endorsements etc.

Mailbox Monitoring System

Mailroom – scans all documents and feeds them to the ticketing system

Incoming emails come into our ticketing system directly

Our ticketing system indexes the request and then allocates it to a relevant processor

The Processor follows all relevant guidelines / rules

The system keeps sending notifications / reminders to ensure that the processors respond on time

Default Servicing/ Loss Mitigation

Collections & Repayment Services

Loan Modification & Short Sales

End-to-end Home Retention & Liquidation

Claims Processing

Disposition & Asset Management Services

Benefits of partnering with Peoples Processing

Headquartered in Austin, TX with locations in Dallas, TX, Singapore and India

Experience working with all the leading LOS, Compliance and Servicing platforms

Flexible engagement model to help you reduce fixed costs

SSAE 18 compliant (2021 SOC 2 audit underway)