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Peoples Processing is a full-service mortgage solutions provider delivering mortgage origination, servicing and title solutions. We implement strategic tools and process transformation to address the mortgage industry’s operational and customer experience challenges.

We increase our client’s efficiency, capacity, and customer satisfaction while greatly reducing operational costs and cycle times. Peoples Processing is led by mortgage bankers whose focus is to transform and improve our client’s operations.



Loan Servicing

Offers loan servicing support to mortgage servicers to help them improve borrowers experience and retain their customers

Loan Modification

Loan Modification

We provide expert assistance with your loan modification process and deliver an improved experience to borrowers

Loan Mitigation

Default Servicing

We help you streamline your default & loss mitigation operations

Peoples Processing Announces Release of Mailbox Monitoring for Mortgage Servicers

Mailbox Monitoring

Offers mailbox monitoring to Mortgage Servicers to help them streamline default operations and ensure compliance

Contract Processing

Contract Processing

Offering full-service Contract Mortgage Processing Services


Mortgage Origination

Supports lenders, loan officers, credit unions, and other mortgage companies by streamlining their origination processes


Mortgage Closing

Supports lenders, credit unions and brokers in streamlining their loan closing processes while reducing processing times & costs


Post Closing

Brings you professional and effective audit and review services to streamline the complete post-closing process

Solutions For

Home Beta


Helps mortgage divisions of regional and national banks with end-to-end mortgage processing services

Home Beta

Mortgage Lenders

Supports end-to-end mortgage processing services that help you save time and costs while giving you a competitive advantage

Home Beta 1


We help servicers improve borrower experience and retain their customers

Home Beta 2

Mortgage Brokers

Supports brokers or broking firms with loan origination support. Helps you save loan cycle time and maintain profit margins

Home Beta 3

Credit Unions

Helps credit unions maintain profitability, increase quality without having to invest in newer technologies for automation

Home Beta 1

Non-QM Mortgage Lenders

Supports Non-QM lenders with their loan origination & pre-underwriting. Ensure non-QM loans proceed to funding without obstacles

What Our Customers Say


Mailbox Monitoring Solution for Servicers

At Peoples Processing, with our Mailbox Solution, we help Servicers organize their incoming forbearance requests and streamline their default operations ...
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​​Peoples Processing Origination Services

Several Lenders face challenges in processing the high refi volumes. It will help if you have a partner who can ...
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