08 Apr, 2020

Committed to Our Clients, Employees and Community – A Note from Our President, Sam Verma

Committed to Our Clients, Employees and Community

The last few weeks have been very distressing, with all the news related to the Covid-19 pandemic. I hope you are staying safe and positive amid all the uncertainty. We have never experienced anything close to what we are seeing with the Covid-19 pandemic. Without any doubt, it is having a drastic impact on how we live and work.

It is time, we do our best to protect our families, communities and thank all our healthcare professionals for what they are doing.

We are committed to ensure safety of our colleagues, clients, and community. We are following business continuity plans and security measures as per W.H.O guidelines and govt. regulations.

A big thank you to my team for ensuring minimum disruption to the service level commitments that we have with our customers. Some of our clients may have been experiencing some disruptions, but I would like to assure them that we are doing everything we can to streamline operations and continue to support them.

Stay safe, stay positive and we will get through this, together.

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