Mortgage Origination

Supports lenders, loan officers, credit unions, and other mortgage companies by streamlining their origination processes

Peoples Processing continually trains its personnel and has a defined focus to deliver value to its clients

Our team supports Mortgage Lenders, Loan Officers, Credit Unions, and other Mortgage companies by streamlining their mortgage loan origination processes. The mortgage loan origination services we offer to benefit our clients with reduced cycle times, lower operational costs and risk mitigation. They can easily manage volume fluctuations without additional fixed costs.

With our multi-state footprint, we help clients transform the way they run their day to day mortgage operations. We are also the only service provider who proactively manages vendor relationships, so that our clients can focus on their core business functions and do not need to spend resources managing vendors. Additionally, our digital compliance, use of the latest technologies, and holistic approach sets us apart from other mortgage service providers.

Peoples Processing has a suite of mortgage loan origination services such as:

Loan Processing

Loan Registration: Processing of all Borrower Documents and Loan applications

Disclosures: Processing of Disclosure documents such as TILA, The Good Faith Estimate, and Initial Escrow Account Disclosure

Loan Setup / Submission: Preparation of loan file for processing and issuing orders for third-party documents

Indexing / Inputting: Complete review and indexing of all mortgage documents for underwriting and processing support

Pre-Underwriting Support

Third-party Documents Quality Checks: Support underwriters by performing pre-quality checks to identify issues in application form and borrower documents. Carry out reviews for credit report, contract report, flood certificate, appraisal report, title report and perform fraud identification checks

Pre-Underwriting Package: Preparing pre-underwriting package by conducting reviews and quality checks from the loan application stage through to the loan fulfillment stage to determine potential discrepancies, if any

Third-Party Coordination

Third-party Documents Ordering:

Order VOE, VOD, VOM, and VOR based on the requirements from the respective departments and review them according to the client checklists

Order Appraisal, Title Report, Hazard, and Flood Certificates on behalf of the client and update in the loan file

Order VA and FHA Case Numbers in case of Government loans

Benefits of partnering with Peoples Processing for Mortgage Loan Origination Services

Offers processing services from Origination to Post-Close

Single window processing to avoid managing multiple vendors

Leveraging latest technologies such as RPA and AI in mortgage fulfillment

Team of experts located in Texas to enable missing documents collection

Multi-state footprint to support your state-specific requirements

Flexible engagement model to help you reduce fixed costs

Benefits of Partnering with Peoples Processing